About Country Stitch Design

Online Equestrian Store - Shipping Across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan & Manitoba

Our Mission

To offer a variety of affordable Horse Blankets, Tack, and Accessories to the Equine lover.

Our Inspiration

It all started on a road trip while I and my husband Steve were enjoying the wonderful scenery of the countryside during a summer holiday. We decided we wanted to start a company together. We took a love of sewing and designing and formed the idea of Country Stitch Design, we embarked on an ambitious journey to design and stitch custom embroidery and apparel - a hobby we both relished in.

Consequently, CSD was born. And since then, we have had the chance to supply our products to various clubs such as Equine 4H. As the business grew and demand rose, we decided to become a supplier for Tech Equestrian in a bid to avail our affordable products to our customers seamlessly and effortlessly. The move bore a lot of success. Owing to this achievement, we decided to expand the scope of our products by opening an online store so that all horse lovers in Canada can experience our amazing products. We have also got the golden opportunities to sponsor several horse events so every time you partner with us, you can rest guaranteed that you are working with an organization that has horses in its heart.

Around here, we're fond of saying "we get you because we are you," and it's true. Indeed, we relish every moment when we get work in an environment where letters from satisfied customers include pictures of happy and smartly dressed ponies and pets.

Above all our horses continue to inspire us to date and so do you.